Everything in this world consists of certain vibrational frequencies composed, compiled & conveyed in a certain way into form. They are the core of all that is, and can be called molecules, neurons, cells, energy or consciousness. They create sound, cycles & seasons. Ever-changing & always evolving patterns. Waves.

This is something known in modern sciences such as physics, as it was known to the ancient sages & ancestral elders we originate from. The key to a vibrant & fully potent life, has always depended on our ability to tune into these waves and live with abundance, a sense of peace and a zest for life that comes forth from doing so.

The Sanskrit root word of Veda, Vid, means to see, to know or to understand.” 

VEDAWAVES is all about observing and getting to know the different waves that you, life & the world around you consist of. It aims at understanding them, and learning to ride them as gracefully & joyfully as you can.

Paddle your heart out, tune in & stand up. Feel glory. Ride the waves and keep going into the ocean of Life for the sake of that Love.

Let’s bring out the Soul Surfer that’s inside of you.

We explore. We play. We rest. That’s life.

Get to know it. Dive into it. Learn to love it. All of it.

My ocean is here
My ocean is now
Cast away all fear
Dive in & splash around
And so the heart beats
And so it beats now 
– Trevor Hall, Unpack Your Memories

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